Job Ready!

Job Ready! is a virtual career preparation and advancement program that harnesses the expertise and experience of the UCLA Alumni Network. During the winter quarter, alumni will lead live video sessions where they will provide insight into what recruiters and hiring managers look for when reviewing resumes and cover letters, as well as how to effectively build a network within UCLA and beyond.  Through the winter quarter sessions, students will develop and refine job search materials and will be provided with opportunities to practice their professional communication skills. Upon completion of the alumni-led online modules, students will go on to be paired with a successful alumnus in the Spring Quarter for a one-on-one coaching session where they will share the “secrets” of their success and provide professional development coaching and resume critique. Job Ready participants can expect the following from their experience:

  • Being paired with alumni for a one-on-one career coaching session
  • Live video sessions led by alumni career experts
  • Resume, cover letter and Networking Resources


“This program helped me utilize the skills that I have gained with my sociology major. I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure of what they want to pursue or just want to explore the career world.” – student, class of 2017

“Without the Job Ready Program, I wouldn’t be as equipped for the professional world, I wouldn’t know how to network as well, and I wouldn’t have an outstanding resume.” – student, class of 2018

“This program was exciting and I achieved valuable skills in such a short amount of time. I learned how to talk about my major in an interview and became part of a job-ready community!” – student, class of 2017


“I grew up in the projects with very few resources for career guidance. It was tremendously rewarding to work with a first generation college graduate and pass on the lessons I had learned.”

“Many universities tout their alumni network but UCLA actually taps into it to ensure graduating students make a solid transition into the workforce.”


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