Sharpe Fellows Internship Program


The William Sharpe Fellows program was created in 2008 as a way to engage UCLA alumni, community members, and employers in supporting the career and professional development needs of undergraduate students at UCLA. Named in honor of Nobel Laureate and UCLA alumnus William F. Sharpe, the program has been successful in bringing together top employers with our brightest students.

By leveraging connections and partnerships with both alumni and industry leaders, Sharpe Fellows receive assistance in securing a summer internship in an industry of their interest. Currently, the Sharpe Fellows program provides support for many industries, including Investment Banking, Finance, Consulting and Tech/Startups.

Once selected, each Sharpe Fellow receives targeted mentorship, training and industry introductions to help launch a successful career. UCLA Sharpe Fellows have accepted internships at top companies including Goldman Sachs, PWC, J.P. Morgan, EY, Deloitte, KPMG, PIMCO, Credit Suisse, Google, Apple and Intel. Most impressive of all, 100% of Sharpe Fellows have received a summer internship placement. A full list of past Sharpe Fellows and placements can be found here.


  • At least a 3.2 cumulative UCLA GPA (incoming transfer students are eligible with transfer GPA)
  • Intended for juniors who expect to graduate between December 2019 and June 2020
  • Incoming transfer students and sophomores who will graduate early are eligible to apply


Students undergo an extensive application process to be considered for the program. In addition to a well-crafted resume and cover letter, applicants must write a one-page personal essay and complete an interview with the alumni selection committee. The committee looks for students with strong communication skills, leadership experience, high academic achievement, and an overall drive for success in their industry of interest.

Recruitment for the program begins during spring quarter where students may attend info sessions to learn about the application process. Current and former Sharpe Fellows help lead the sessions to share their experience in completing the application and participating in the interview day.

Student Stories

Sharpe Fellows gave me a framework by which to think about my interests, and what I want out of my career. In other words, it gave me formal settings through which I could further understand and shape my goals. Simply put, the program has asked me to truly consider the path I am on and the one I want to take; personally, moments of such consideration have allowed me to find further meaning in my work.

Sharpe Fellows gives you a network of support — from fellow Sharpe Fellows, to industry mentors, to administrators within UCLA. This type of network can help you grow, and better understand yourself, if you allow it.

– Priyanka Nanayakkara ’19

Looking to further my professional experiences as an undergraduate studying STEM, the Sharpe Fellows program provided key opportunities to learn the nuances of the different fields within business. With direct interaction with mentors, advisors, peers, and firms, I gained valuable career direction that helped crystalize my interest in consulting and technology.

Sharpe provides exclusive opportunities to work with incredible mentors, leaders, students, and companies, streamlining the learning and networking process. Not only does this provide an edge during recruiting, but also builds a reliable personal network to gain guidance for any career concerns you may have. I’ve also made wonderful friends through the program, which is always a plus!

– Koto (Stan) Kuboi ’18


If you have questions about the Sharpe Fellows Internship Program, please contact Partnership UCLA / Alumni Career Programs by submitting a message through our contact form, emailing our office at or contacting our office at (310) 825-5242. We look forward to hearing from you.