Job Ready Bucket List

UCLA wants you to feel ready and confident to meet the next adventure after graduation. The Job Ready Bucket List is a virtual training program dedicated to strengthening your professional toolkit, while guiding you to check off those to-do’s you’ve been meaning to get to.

Being “job ready” doesn’t mean you have to have a job. It means having the comfort and confidence to start the next phase, whether that’s a job, grad school, a year of service or whatever comes next for you.

The goal of the Job Ready Bucket List is to ready students to launch your career immediately upon commencement. Program participants graduate with a vetted resume, networking assistance, and tailored support for using your specific major to meet your personal and professional goals. You will also network with guests from an accomplished pool of alumni and friends who will share their experiences and professional advice.

As part of the program, students have networked with guests from an accomplished pool of alumni and friends who shared experiences and professional advice. Thank you to our alumni coaches:

  • Danielle Bucci ’12 – Yahoo
  • Amy Getubig ’05 – Department of Justice
  • Kevin Ha’ 11 – NBCUniversal
  • Jackie Hollada ’13 – Kaiser Permanente
  • Ashleigh Kaspszak ’10 – The New Mart
  • Tim Knapp ’11 – SNF Management
  • Gabrielle Mirsaidi ’08 – PatientSafe Solutions
  • Mery Segovia ’10 – Loyola Marymount University
  • Lauren Venetos ’10 – St. Josephs Health

“This program helped me utilize the skills that I have gained with my sociology major. I would recommend it to anyone who is unsure of what they want to pursue or just want to explore the career world.” – student, class of 2017

“Without the Job Ready Program, I wouldn’t be as equipped for the professional world, I wouldn’t know how to network as well, and I wouldn’t have an outstanding resume.” – student, class of 2018

“This program was exciting and I achieved valuable skills in such a short amount of time. I learned how to talk about my major in an interview and became part of a job ready community!” – student, class of 2017


“I grew up in the projects with very few resources for career guidance. It was tremendously rewarding to work with a first generation college graduate and pass on the lessons I had learned.”

“Many universities tout their alumni network but UCLA actually taps in to it to ensure graduating students make a solid transition in to the workforce.”

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