Bruin Development Academy


By tapping into the talented UCLA ecosystem, Partnership UCLA / Alumni Career Programs has brought together a network of invested UCLA alumni, community members, faculty and staff to design targeted, industry-based learning experiences meant to prepare students for the real world.  The Bruin Development Academy engages students in a purposeful peer-to-peer learning environment designed to replicate the collaborative team-oriented dynamic that is a common experience in the professional world. Students learn and practice soft-skills required to be considered for highly coveted internships or entry-level positions. Students partake in hands-on professional development training designed to provide them with a skill set that will further distinguish them from other job candidates. All of this occurs within our innovative and interactive workshop setting.

The Academy experience is designed to provide participants with a competitive edge whether for internships or post-undergrad employment. UCLA alumni and friends are willing to help you learn what it takes to succeed in the field by providing important hands-on training and industry exposure.


BioPharma Bruin Development Academy (Winter)

Dates: Tuesdays, Week 7 – 9; 6:00 – 8:00 PM
Location: BSRB 154
Application Closed

This BDA gives students an opportunity to learn and practice essential industry skills through interactive sessions led by BioPharma industry leaders, including UCLA alumni. These sessions focus on strengthening students’ critical thinking and understanding in the science and business of the pharmaceutical industry through case studies, round-table discussions, presentations, and relevant skill-building activities. Students will learn about the process of drug discovery and development while networking with industry representatives who are eager to share their experiences and advice for professional success.

This Bruin Development Academy is a 3-week seminar in which students gain exposure to the pharmaceutical industry and the variety of professional careers involved in moving drug discovery from the “lab bench to the bedside”. Each week will target a different aspect of the process and the professional skills required to succeed in this industry. The program requires that you commit to attending all three sessions. For more information visit the following webpage: BioPharma BDA.

Banking & Finance Bruin Development Academy (Spring)

Dates: Fridays, Week 3 – 7; 2:00 – 4:00 PM
Location: TBD
Application Closed

The Academy leans on the expertise of alumni professionals within banking and finance to provide a high-quality active learning experience for students. This training and industry exposure provide students with a survey of the investment banking (IB), investment management (IM), corporate finance (CorpFin) and the emerging technology finance (FinTech) sectors as well as practice of skills that will help make Academy students more competitive for internships and employment upon graduation. For more information visit the following webpage: Banking & Finance BDA.

Job Ready Bucket List (Winter)

Dates: Wednesday, 1/17 – Friday, 2/16
Location: Online
Application Closed

UCLA wants you to feel ready and confident to meet the next adventure after graduation. The Job Ready Bucket List is a virtual training program dedicated to strengthening your professional toolkit, while guiding you to check off those to-do’s you’ve been meaning to get to. Program participants graduate with a vetted resume, networking assistance, and tailored support for using your specific major to meet your personal and professional goals. You will also network with guests from an accomplished pool of alumni and friends who will share their experiences and professional advice. Read about the Spring 2017 academy here and visit Job Ready Bucket List for more information and to apply.


Students from all majors and class years are encouraged to apply. Recent UCLA graduates are also eligible to participate.


Applications must be submitted for each individual Bruin Development Academy and can be found on each individual Bruin Development Academy webpage when available. Students are required to complete an application, submit a cover letter and submit a resume as part of the application process. Further details regarding each academy will be sent to students after their acceptance into the program.


Participants have the opportunity to earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) through UCLA Extension. Earning CEUs as an undergraduate is a great way to position yourself for employment consideration. It signals to employers your commitment to investing in both your personal and professional development. So take advantage of this free and exciting opportunity to get ahead.


View past programs and panelists for our Bruin Development Academy courses by visiting the following link: Past Programs.

Student Stories

The Bruin Development Academy solidified my decision to accept a job as a Biological Sales Associate! After talking to professionals during the program, it confirmed to me that this was a career field I wanted to pursue and that I could imagine myself in.

The best take away from hearing the alumni (who were in sales) speak was that they loved their job! They were all so happy with their career path and I knew that I would feel similarly. Specifically, I had multiple alumni give me their contact information and ask me to keep in touch with them. I even had one alumnus gift me a Kindle e-book about sales so that I could begin my career. This really encouraged me knowing that so many professionals are willing to help the younger generation!

I would recommend this program to my peers because it is an incredible networking opportunity! There is no way to really know what a career is like without hearing from professionals themselves. You get so much one-on-one contact with them as well, and the advice they give is invaluable to succeeding in the industry and making an educated decision about your future.

– Isabella Cianciolo ’17 

Before I joined the Bruin Development Academy, I felt lost in my career search. I knew I wanted to do something outside of my field of study, but didn’t know where to start. This program exposed me to jobs I had never heard of or thought of pursuing. Most importantly, the seminars were much more personal, transparent, and interactive than other career events. I got to participate in group activities, which allowed me to translate my scientific knowledge into business decisions. After each seminar, I followed up with the speakers and I have since stayed in contact with them.

If you’re having second thoughts about your career, this program is perfect for you. Not only does it expose you to other possibilities, it informs you of the pros and cons in each career so you can make an informed decision. Even if you’re certain of your career path, you can still benefit from networking with professionals.

– Christopher Yi ’16 


If you have questions about Life After Degree or have suggestions and feedback for future Life After Degree panels, please contact Partnership UCLA / Alumni Career Programs by submitting a message through our contact form, emailing our office at or contacting our office at (310) 825-5242. We look forward to hearing from you.